37 STABWOUNDZ was born in the early summer of 2001 after Servé parted ways with the successful formation Born From Pain. With the intent never to leave the ‘loud-music’ genre, but moreover to start a new project, he caught up with Roy, Mike and Richard to complete the collective which received the name 37 STABWOUNDZ.

The band started doing gigs late summer of that very same year, providing the audience a contemporary interpretation of 90’s style metal and hardcore. The demoCD ‘Ain’t life grand…’, available at that time, was received well, though 2002 was not more than a transient passage before taking it to the next level; the first full length! While started in the spring of 2003, it were falling leaves accompanying the completion of the nine professionally recorded songs. A few months later Garden of Exile records brought the highly anticipated ‘Embrace Solitude’ album on the market around the globe.

Hereafter, the band embarked on an intense journey performing at numerous international gigs and festivals in 2004 and 2005, containing highlights like the Pinkpop festival, the Goudvishal 20th anniversary HC event, Bilbao winter BASH, the Deadfest, Noordschok and the by Converse sportswear sponsored Choose Your Weapon tours, playing alongside bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Madball, Crowbar.

With a fierce live reputation the band is ready to make 2006 their year and step to the forefront as one of the most talented heavy bands from Holland. Expect a harder, heavier and more aggressive second full length album entitled “A Heart Gone Black” on GSR Music in September 2006!


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