AFTER LAUGHTER are a hardcore punk band from Krakow/Silesia, PL formed in 2012 as the re-incarnation of Last Believer (2005-2012). Influenced by classic hardcore punk, rock, skateboarding, surfing, life and friendship and cruelty free lifestyle. There is lots of experience on the board. Members of this band played or playing in many other hardcore punk bands.
AFTER LAUGHTER are very active live so make sure to check them out and i think fans of Dag Nasty, Soul Side, Husker Du, Good Riddance, Adolescents or Avail not gonna be disappointed with their music. They have released two album already – first in 2013 “Said And Done” and second in 2017 “Quest For Sanity”.

Line up: Art – vocals, Bolo – bass, Szym – guitar, Mac – drums

“Said And Done” – 2013
“Quest For Sanity” – 2017

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