All Pigs Must Die is an American hardcore punk supergroup consisting of Kevin Baker of The Hope Conspiracy, Ben Koller of Converge, and Adam Wentworth and Matt Woods of Bloodhorse, the former of which is also a member of Acid Tiger. All Pigs Must Die is signed to Nonbeliever Records, an imprint label of Shirts & Destroy. Their debut EP, which was recorded at Kurt Ballou’s GodCity Studio, was released in October 2010. The cover artwork was designed by German illustrator Florian Bertmer. In December 2010 the band began recording for their second release, again with Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio. In March 2011, it was announced that their upcoming album would be titled “God Is War”, and that the band had signed with Southern Lord. Their second full-length album, “Nothing Violates This Nature” was released in 2013.

Although the band’s members hail from these known modern hardcore/metal acts they turn their more crust punk/d-beat-driven aggression outward with ALL PIGS MUST DIE. All Pigs Must Die (APMD) is a band committed to uncompromising sonic warfare. Its sound and lyrics assault the listener in a fury of blackened death filled anthems.

Owing as much to the Cro-Mags and Discharge as Entombed and Celtic Frost. APMD mix powerful riffs, relentless tempos and a dark presence to bulldoze a grim path of destruction.

Line Up: 

Kevin Baker
Ben Koller
Adam Wentworth
Matt Woods
Brian Izzi



“God Is War” – 2011

“Nothing Violates This Nature” – 2013


“All Pigs Must Die” – 2010

“Curse Of Humanity / Extinction Is Ours” – 2012

“Silencer” – 2013

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