Anchor returns in april 2015 with their third album Distance & Devotion. The album holds 11 tracks built out of frustration, personal struggle, firm convictions and deeply rooted ethics. The band have forged a hard and heavy rock album in Distance & Devotion. Adding more melodys and better arrangment to their already energy filled songs made the new album just as powerfull as the bands liveshows. Being one of Europe´s most outstanding tour machines, Anchor founded in 2007, have played over 450 shows on five continents and closing in to 40 countries. Split up in 2016

Thier past labels were Gaphals | Refuse Records | Let it Burn Records | React! Records | Vegan Records | Pee Records | Learn to trust Records



Claes –  Vocals
Mattias – Guitar
Noa – Guitar
Fredrik – Bass
Oskar – Drums


Anchor – The Kind That Kills (Split –2007)

Captivity Songs (EP –2007)

The Quiet Dance (Album –2008)

First Year (Compilation – 2009)

Relations of Violence (7” – 2009)

The Singles Collected (Compilation – 2010)

Recovery (Album – 2011)

Distance & Devotion (Album – 2015)


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