Ante Up

ANTE UP are hardcore/beatdown band from Metro Detroit area. Started in 2005 they split and came back few times for random shows. In 2012 ANTE UP recorded demo ep “Prelude To Hell” (Filled With Hate Records) and are back for in full time. In 2015 it´s time for ANTE UP to queue into this list of heavy Michigan Hardcore outfits with the release of “See you in hell”(Filled With Hate Records). On their 12-song full-length debut, ANTE UP created a relentless hybrid of classical violent Detroit Hardcore with uncompromising modern beatdown mosh full of rage and animosity. Summer 2017 will bring  new stuff  –“Needless To Nails” out on Fast Break Records.foto van ANTE UP.

xCritterx – Vocals
Herb- Bass
Matt – Guitar
Thoma – Guitar
Justin – Drums

“Needless To Nails”  – 2017
See You In Hell” – 2015
Prelude To Hell! – 2014
“Broken Up” – 2008
“Demo” – 2005


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