Biography :

Arkangel, Brussels,Belgium (1997-present) : Even if the band exists for 16 years now, it seems to be the beginning of a long and immortal decade, of total war against all, through music and lyrics… With a first MCD “Prayers upon deaf ears” (released on RPP 1998) and a full CD “Dead man Walking” (released on GLR 1999).
Arkangel have gained popularity in Europe, The United States and many other countries. Their music which is undeniably metal influenced by hardcore acquired a lot of originality but also

Arkangel’s singer Baldur got a determinant role with his vocals attaining a supreme level of brutality.In 2001 they played at the “Hellfest” in Syracuse U.S., followed by more shows in Canada.
Over 2002/2003 the band played shows all over Europe and play as headliner in front of two thousand people the famous San-Feliu hardcore fest in Spain and got the chance to play as support for bands such as MACHINE HEAD.

Finally in August 2004 “Arkangel” entered the studio and recorded their new album with producer KOEN DE BOEVE who produced their first mcd.“”Hope You Die By Overdose”” is the title of this new album and came out in November 2004 on their own and brand new label PRIVATE HELL Records.Right after the release ARKANGEL started to play shows in Belgium, Holland, France, Germany,UK and got the opportunity to play in Tokyo/JAPAN at the first edition of IDEPENDENCE-D” festival.


Michel Kirby : Guitar
Baldur Vildmurdarson : Vocals
David Vande Zande : Drums
Mehdi Jouj : Bass


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