BLANKET HILL were founded in 2014 (Luxembourg). The five members, Sven, Max, Ornello, Guy and David, mix their influences to create a sound described as a mix of Hatebreed and Slayer. After the release of 2015’s “Kaizen” EP which garnered a multitude of great reviews, the band toured Europe and the UK for the first time in 2016. After the first UK run, the band signed with KJM Bookings which prompted a second UK tour in October of the same year. All of this resulted in the band generating quite the following early after their inception.
In 2017, the band has released a new EP entitled “Trenches Of Reality” to rave reviews and toured Europe immediately after its release. The band will embark on another UK tour in October 2017.

BH: David-vocals, Sven-guitar, Max-guitar, Ornello-bass, Guy-drums

“Marking Time” – 1 Track Demo (2015)
“Kaizen” – EP (2015)
“Promo 2016” – 2 Track Promo (2016)
“Trenches Of Reality” – EP (2017)

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