Born Infected


BORN INFECTEDis a new Dutch hardcorebandfounded in 2019. Ronald, Stan and Patrick already have a musical history together (Past our Means, Crawfish) but with the addition of Pascal(ex-Brickless, ex-Revealed)on bassand Ken (drums in Reverse TheFlow) on vocals, the band was complete. The idea to make BornInfected a special project quickly arose. We all feel that our band and music should stand for something. Cooperation with other musicians and artists in the hardcore scenewas a logical step to generate attention for organizations who need a platform and some extra support.Stronger togetherUnder the slogan“Stronger Together” we reached out to a couple of organizations/charities who we feel best embody our thoughts of what the hardcore scene should represent. Hardcore Help Foundation, Animal Rights andSea Shepherd were enthusiastic immediately.With our mix of hardcore, metal and punk we want to wake up the world a bit. Music is a big part of our life and a great way to express ourselves and demand attention for the things we think actually matter.Do it yourselfChange starts with you, but we cannot change the world on our own. Together with others we can make an impact. We had no difficulty in finding other musicians and artists that are willing to take part in our project (some without even having heard a single note of our music).The permafrost is meltng, coral reefs are disappearing, and forests arebeing felled for “green energy”. Children in central Africa are malnourished and have no access to clean drinking water. Tests are still run on animals.We have the knowledge and the means, but unfortunately not everyone is willing to change what’s going on. We want a change!



Discography :

Self Reflection – 2020