Bronson A.D. was founded in late 2013 by Hendrik Schmidt (Braindeadz) and Björn Becker (Hustlenutz, Tempel), with the goal to create fast and hard music for the moshpit. Old School Hardcore and Thrash Metal have been the main influence of their sound since the beginning. At that time the drummer Christian Hauske (also Braindeadz) has helped to create the first songs, but has left the band due to health problems. A new and suitable drummer was then found in Marc Rösen (ex-Temesis). The first line up was completed by Daniel Steckenmesser (Blizzen, ex-Thrashtanica). At the beginning of 2014 the first 5-track demo was recorded in the band’s own rehearsal room. D. I. Y. attitude defines the band from the beginning. After the first live appearance Steckie left the band to devote himself completely to his own band project. Soon after Bonzo took in his place in the band as a bass-guitar player. Due to the different musical movements to which the band members belonged, a crossover was not only on a musical level recognizable. This is where thrashriffs with a clear doom impact mixed with german lyrics for the first time, which was manifested in the form of the second demo. After a few shows, f.e. as a support of international scene bands like Madball, Biohazard, Walls of Jericho, Pro – Pain or Slapshot; Bonzo left because of musical differences from the band. After a long search, the band was able to find a suitable successor in early 2016 with Dominik Kainz. 2017 is the year of further development, which will see the light of day in the form of the first full-length LP “WARPATH” in early 2018.


Guitar – Hendrik
Bass – Dominik
Drums – Marc
Vocals – Mucho


2013 – Bandgründung

2014 – VÖ Demo EP

2015 – Split with Burning Fight

2016 – Boys To Men EP

2018 – Warpath

Label of Choice:

Bastardized Recordings


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