.Calibre was a vegan/straight edge band from Kontich, Belgium that rose from the hardcore band Facedown.
.Calibre played a kind of funk/metal/crossover with socially engaged lyrics.
Released only one album “Killthelogo” in 2002 and few singles.
Guitar player Niko and lead singer Daniel are now in a band called A School of Quiet.

Line Up:
Daniel Mies -Vocals, Niko Poortmans -Guitar, Thomas Baeken – Bass, Youri Baeken – Drums

“Killthelogo” – CD – WEA – 2002
“Calibre” – CD- WEA – 2001
“Karma” – CD – WEA – 2002
“The Rapist” – CD – WEA – 2002
“Split with Camden” – WEA – 2002

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