Cold Hard Truth


Straight up brutal hardcore – was formed in 2008 in Boston, UK. “This band is TUFFGUY, there`s so many bands trying to do this style, but they just suck & seem fake, but COLD HARD TRUTH is one of those bands that there is nothing fake about”. Musically they are mixing hardcore beatdown and metal. In 2009 they have released by themselves MCD “Reflect The Conflict” and in 2010 Beatdown Hardwear Records did they full album “Deliver The Fear”. From 2011 they weren’t so active with writing and shows because their vocalist ended up with a lengthy prison sentence. 2016 was the year when COLD HARD TRUTH came back to the business in full time. They wrote new album “TruthGetta” which was released by Filled With Hate Records from Germany. Since that band is very active and played many shows in UK and Europe.


Tim – Vocals
James – Guitar
Sam – Guitar
Joe – Bass
Ian – Drums


Reflect The Conflict – 2009
Deliver The Fear – 2010
TruthGetta – 2016
Intimidate – 2020