For hardcore kids who love variety and are open to different styles within the music genre, COLDSTARE is an all-round hardcore band that combines oldschool, hip-hop, punk and metal influences in a no-nonsense, raw and flowing style with a distinctive, accessible and powerful sound.


Lyrical input varies from everyday experiences, personal introspection, the hardcore scene, inspiring events and life’s disillusions that we all face once in a while. COLDSTARE’s values are loyalty, commitment and resilience. Measurements are made at life’s ‘moments of truth’. That’s when the wheat is separated from the chaff.

Established in 2001, COLDSTARE quickly became a household name in the Belgian hardcore scene. Their 2001 debut demo : “Running the scene” was followed by the 2005 demo : “Memories torn apart”. Both were received very well and got positive reviews by influential hardcore e-zines. Set on hiatus in 2008, COLDSTARE remerges in 2015 to impress many with their characteristic sober, dynamic style that has a raw, powerful and surprising flow.


Philippe – Vocals
Willy – Guitar
Javier – Bass
Kristof – Drumsfoto van Coldstarehardcore.foto van Coldstarehardcore.


Raw Material Crew Demo / 2002
Memories Torn Apart Demo – 2005
Talk Is Cheap – 2017