CONSTRICT started in 2013 with the idea of doing a straight edge band with a 90’s sound and attitude. Recorded their demo tape (named “Dead From The Cradle“) before even playing a single show. The band played shows all over Spain and recorded the “Carved In Stone” 7″ EP that went out in 2014 on Instilled Records as well as some European compilation tracks. Finally in 2016 came out the first 12″ LP “Suffocation Of The Soul“, on Instilled Records, Assault Records and Rage Records and CD version on Mark My Words Records. During this lapse of time the band did some weekend trips in Spain, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Line Up:
Alex Jarque – Vocals, Martí Farré – Drums, Matt Luzaich – Bass, Raúl Belenguer – Guitar, Sergi Daura – Guitar

Dead From The Cradle” – Cassette/CD – 2013
Carved In Stone” -7″/Cassette – 2014
Suffocation Of The Soul” – LP/CD – 2016

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