Cropsey was formed in 2019 and soon after In the midst of a global pandemic 5 people thriving off similar musical interests began what would come to fruition at the very beginning of 2021. It was started by founding members Paul Stokes, Don Scala and Mike Albano. Mixing styles of old, with a touch of new cropsey was born in “the slums of shaolin”. Cropsey went through lineup changes early on with original vocalist Mike having to step down as vocalist for personal reasons. Cropsey brought in newcomer Cody Krute to the vocal position and they began laying the groundwork for a simple project to kill time and get the members minds off the goings on of the world that would later become the powerhouse that it is today. By the summer of 2020 Cropsey had gone through three lineup changes. Cody called upon long time Staten Island music scene acquaintance Mike Groves, who later enlisted the help of local drum legend Joey Kusack when the drum position became vacant, and the lineup was solidified. The members of Cropsey, in the past have played multiple styles of music, melding together all of those styles the band rewrote all of the songs they had previously written and began recording their debut EP titled Cropsey at Amplitude Studios which was released on FWH records on January 1st 2021. With a mix of New York Hardcore, Metalcore, and Melodic hardcore the EP came out and received excellent feedback. The band is currently in the studio writing follow up music and have no intention of stopping.


Cody Krute – Vocals
Paul Stokes- Guitar
Don Scala- Guitar
Mike Groves- Bass
Joey Kusack- Drums

Biography :

Cropsey – Selftitled EP (2021)