Biography :

The band has been around since the mid 90’s.foto van Dante's Theory.
A few changes in the band’s line up and sound.

The band was also known as Pyro before Dante’s Theory.

Singapore’s brimming with talented acts such as RUDRA, IMPIETY and many more, and now DANTE’S THEORY.
If you give bands from lesser known countries for metal a chance, you’ll be surprised at what you will find.
DANTE’S THEORY play fierce, vibrant death metal that packs a punch.
With lyrics in Malay and English, they’re mixing things up and it’s all the more refreshing for us all.
Their latest release titled ‘Amut’, which has five songs of hard-hitting contemporary death metal that will have you jumping around in no time.

The grooves are compelling and the song arrangement leaves you with little respite. Watch out for this new force in the Singaporean scene that’s poised to leave a mark with ‘Amut’.







Vocals – Remy
Guitars – Sha
Bass – Aaron
Drums – Karsten



Discography :

1st Ep 2008
Single Release 16th August 2016
2nd EP 15th April 2017
Full Length album end 2017 / early 2018



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