London’s metallic / hardcore trailblazers DEAD MAN`S CHEST started around 2006. From day one till today there was many changes and rotations between members. Andy (drums) is the only original member in the band. Him and Peter Gamc (ex 1125) started this band more for fun, didn’t expect that will go so far. They didn’t rush with first release but after couple of years finally they have released debut CDEP “The First And The Fallen” on own label Satan Saves Records. Band started to play more often and working on new songs. In 2011 they have signed with Seventh Dagger Records and after small change on microphone they released “Hateline” which brought them fans from all around the world. More shows means more dedication. Peter Gamc had to leave DMC cos he moved away and as well there was another change on front mans position. Kay replaced Peter on bass and he brought some new fresh ideas to bands music. “Negative Mental Attitude” was recorded in 2014 and released on Beatdown Hardwear Rec. and Seventh Dagger Records. More shows around UK, Europe and even world. DMC is getting recognizable everywhere.  Few rotations in the squad (Kay swapping for guitar, CJ joining on bass and Martin (ex Action) jumping on microphone) and its time to work on new songs.
In 2016 DMC  releasing a  new album “Violent Days” on BDHW. This will be the band’s heaviest, darkest, and most complex material to date! Self-produced and recorded with Stu McKay (Malevolence, Desolated, Cold Hard Truth) at Studio 6 near Swindon, England. “Violent Days” sees the band sounding more raw and visceral than ever. Down-tuned feedback-driven Slayer-esque riffs and bludgeoning Hatebreed rhythms combine with new vocalist Martin’s distorted, brutal growls to create DMC’s signature blend of hardcore, metal and punk. The result is a slab of grisly, bone-breaking hardcore that proves that no matter the decade, hardcore is always relevant, savage, and irresistible! “Violent Days” is the sound of a band that has spent over 10 years brewing an anger that will leave you wanting to crush and confront the negativity of human existence head on!
In late 2017 Kay (guitar) left band and was replaced by Casp (ex Pay No Respect).

Line Up:   Andy – Drums  ,  Martin – Vocals  ,  CJ – Bass  ,  Casp – Guitars

The First And The Fallen – 2008
Hateline – 2011
Negative Mental Attitude” – 2014
Violent Days – 2016

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