DECEIT started with Luke (ex Thirty Three Rotations/War Charge/Intentions) David (War Charge) whom had played together before Luke left and wanted to make some music together again. We got Frank (Frontline/Kings of Pain) on vocals and found our drummer James (Revolve). We started practicing and writing together at the end of 2015 I believe, we’d planned on not playing any shows until we’d released but got offered the support for Judge in Glasgow so couldn’t turn it down. From then we released our first EP “Disconnected” (MMW Records) and played several shows in Glasgow as well as a small run down the UK. We went over to Europe in October of 2016 with our polish friends Street Lights. Unfortunately Frank had been offered a USA tour with his old band Frontline so couldn’t make it so our friend Shaun (Revolve) filled in and we played Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland and Czech Republic. After we got back Frank decided to leave as he didn’t have time for the band so we convinced Shaun to stay on with us. We’re currently in the process of starting to write an LP.” – DT

Current lineup:
Luke – Guitar, David – Bass, James – Drums, Shaun – Vocals

“Disconnected”  – 2016


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