Fatally ripping open the chest of the prominent and promising local band KOMITET was the dawn of nova. In 2008 musicians remained, including Irina Sidenko and Evgeniy Zimin, joined forces with ex-APOKEFALE Evgen Tsibulin and thus was formed the main idea of project titled as DEHYDRATED. With Alexey Ablaev support first three-song demo “Suffering From Mummification” was recorded.

After EP was done the band focused on live performances. DEHYDRATED blasted tons of Siberian gigs, which led to headlining in Irkutsk 3-days long METAL HAIL FEST side by side with guys from EXVENTER, APOKEFALE, WELICORUSS. In October 2009 first birthday was celebrated by going on promotional tour SCREAM of TERROR tour 2009. Thus supporting EP they visited European Russia, most of cities were visited side by side with French grind maestros PULMONARY FIBROSIS и BAPTIZED IN VAGINAL LIQUID. Tour was crowned with utterly successful show at PETROGRIND – 6(St. Peterburg) that action also entwined INHUMATE, TORSOFUCK, GRIND CRUSHER, TREMOR, SEPTYCOPIEMIA and others.

In mart 2010 Dehydrated entered local MUZ-ONLINE fest; their performance was marked as best HARD-line band. November 2010 was a significant one, the band signed to MORE HATE Productions and thus the first full-length album Duality of Existence was released. First part of support tour took place in Siberia while second phase DEHYDRATED visited Ukraine and southern part of Russia. During tour they played gig at METAL HEAD’ s MISSION 2011. Evgen Tsibulin became endorser of Lepsky Guitars on arrival home. October 2011 the band bestowed fans with first music video Alive Underground, two months later they issued second EP Mind Extract that included 5 songs. Next tour was finished with playing at ‘Jeleznie Devi’

Summer 2012 was dedicated to recording second full-length album ZONE beneath the SKIN that was released under HEADXPLODE Record in 29th September. Halved support tour included visiting Russian Far East, Siberia, European Russia and Ukraine. Early January of 2013 DEHYDRATED granted fans second music video WEREWOLF.

2013 for the band became even more successful in live performances. Spring constant performances at concert halls in the northern part of Russia. In the summer of 2013 Dehydrated participate at 4 festivals in different countries. This: METAL HAIL FEST (Siberia) as headliners, Metal Head’s Mission (Ukraine) together with bands like DYING FETUS, ARTILLERY, MORHGOTH and many others, METAL CROWD (Belarus); and Cieszanów Rock Festiwal (Poland), along with bands such as VADER, HATE, MADBALL and many others.

In the autumn of 2013 the group celebrates it’s first small holiday – 5 years. In October
the band went on the anniversary tour called ‘5 years Anniversary Tour’, which took place in cities of Russia and ended up in his native city of Tomsk.

Winter 2013 takes another significant event in the band’s first tour of Europe. Which was timed to the anniversary as well and was named Anniversary winter tour 2013. Road includes 17 cities, 8 countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.
In addition to the active tour activity DEHYDRATED just had time to remove his third video, for the song from the second album – THIRST OF DOSE. The presentation, which took place in the spring of 2014!

In the summer of 2014 DEHYDRATED sent to it’s biggest tour in the history of the band, ‘GANGSTERS of the ROADS euro tour 2014’, consisting of 25 dates. Border trails are expanding and it includes countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia. 7 of these concerts, open air festivals, such as: OBSCENE EXTREME fest (Czech republic), DEATH FEAST (Germany), Aggressive music fest (Czech republic), FLASH party (Slovakia) and others. Dehydrated participate in festivals, along with such groups as: IMMOLATION, MISERY INDEX, MORGOTH, VADER, KATALEPSY and many others.


Ira – vox
Evgen – guitars
Evgenii – bass


Sickness – 2016 (Single)
Paralells – 2018
Piranha or Whale​?​ – 2019


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