xDEVOURx is a metallic hardcore band from the Limburg area of Belgium. They combine the uncompromising sounds of 90’s US and Belgian Straight Edge metallic hardcore. Major influences are Earth Crisis, Disembodied, Liar and All Out War. Their intention is to bring a modern, down-tuned and original version of this brand of hardcore to the scene. Lyrics deal with personal emotions, politics and convictions.xDEVOURx was founded in February 2013. Jan (guitar, ex-Blade), and Alex (drums, Heartfelt) started rehearsing, writing the first songs which would appear on their demo later. As they continued to write more music, Colin (bass, ex-Blade / ex-Get Wise), Tom (vocals, ex-Blade), and Kurt (guitar, ex-Disinterred / ex-The Dying) joined their ranks. In may 2014 they played their first show. From then on the Limburg 5-piece started to pave their way in the Belgian hardcore scene. Somewhat later Colin left, and Stijn (ex-Stroke Of Grace / ex-El.Mirage!) joined to help spreading the straightedge message even further. A 7-song demo was recorded and released in March 2015 on the H8000 tape label Kick Out The Jams. This demo allowed them to play a lot of shows in their homeland, the UK, France and the Netherlands.
They are releasing a new record, “Defiant Until The End”, on LP, CD and Cassette formats in July 2017 on Ugly & Proud Records, Mark My Words Records and Kick Out The Jams.

Line-up: Tom -vocals, Stijn – bass, Alex – drums, Jan -guitar, Kurt – guitar

“Defiant Until The End” – 2017
“Demo” – 2015


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