EL.MIRAGE! started out in November 2011 after some ex-band members from Cast-Down, Stroke Of Grace and Burned At Open Sea bumped into each other at a Hot Water Music show. Since we all have an undying passion for punk & hardcore music we decided to start something new. In December 2012 our drummer Geoffrey joined the band and completed the line-up. EL.MIRAGE! plays post-hardcore music and is influenced by punk/hardcore bands like Refused, At The Drive In, As Friends Rust, Unbroken and newer bands like La Dispute, Touché Amoré, Modern Life Is War, Defeater, Xerxes … but even by other music styles and bands like The Smiths, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, AC/DC, The Band, Biffy Clyro, Fugazi … . In December 2013 EL.MIRAGE! released their first ep “Reflections”. In April of 2015 the second ep “Catalyst” saw the daylight.

Stijn Vliegen: vocals
Bert Peeters : guitar
Michiel Tilkin : guitar
David Fraters: bass
Geoffrey Borelli: drums

“Reflections” – 2013
“Catalyst” – 2015


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