xELEGYx started when I (Burke) and Sven got together and wanted to start a band. We have been friends since grade school and we’re both vegan sxe so it made sense to start a band that would promote the same ethical views. We recruited Michael our drummer shortly after and Cejas on bass and KVX on vocals. I was in a band called Earth Mother and  I am currently in A Needle Under The Nail and Cejas is currently in Castyoudown. Michael has played in other bands as well while this was KVX and Sven’s first musical endeavor. We wrote our demo in summer/ fall 2016 and released it on December 8th 2016. We draw influence from bands like Arkangel, Earth Crisis, Undying, Prayer for Cleansing, xMAROONx, and Day of Suffering. We hope to open the eyes of many in and outside of the hardcore community and make them realize that the choices they make in the consumption of animal products have a direct effect on society and the environment.” – AB

Burke  – guitar, Sven – guitar, Michael – drums, Cejas – bass, KVX – vocals

xELEGYx” – demo cassette – 2016
(Arduous Path Recordings – US version, Rage Records – UK version, Seventh Day Records – AUS version, Retribution Network – JP version)


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