First Fight Down

First Fight Down started in 1996 as ‘Take a Stand’. They started out with Sander on vocals and Joost on drums (who are still in the band), Kelvin on bass and Raymond on guitar. Prior to playing in Take a Stand they all had some experience playing in high school bands, covering the regular songs from bands like Nirvana, Metallica, Madball, Agnostic Front, Biohazard and so on. When Take a Stand was formed, Sander had already written six hardcore punk songs. The band recorded them in ’96, resulting in the mcd ‘Who told you to lie’. The band was inspired by bands like Warzone and Sick of it all at that time. Quickly after this release they started to write more metal influenced songs and changed the name to ‘First Fight Down’. Sander went from clean vocals to screams and grunts. Joost began to play more with a double bass pedal and the guitarists started playing more staccato riffs.Image may contain: one or more people and indoor
In ’99 their first mcd called ‘Victim of Fear’ was recorded and this resulted in playing a lot of shows in Holland and Belgium. In 2000 Marcel (he played in a band called H.A.T.E.)  joined FFD. They soon got signed to the label ‘Scenestar Records’ and recorded their second mcd ‘Shades of Distress’ in 2001. They kept playing lots of shows, but weren’t very busy with writing new material. The main reason for that was the darts board in their rehearsal room.
Somewhere in 2004 Marcel quit the band and Maikel joined. He was the younger brother of Kelvin and Raymond. Two years later Kelvin also quit the band to focus on his darts career. Lesley, who was playing in The Fifth Alliance, picked up the bass guitar.
In 2008 FFD recorded their self titled cd on Crossfirecult Records.
In 2010 Maikel left the band to play in Present Danger. Chiel from Witness the Fall/The Darkest Red replaced him to play the remaining shows. After this it became silent for about three years. The band members were all busy with other priorities in life.In 2013 Sander, Chiel and Joost entered the rehearsal room again to write some songs. They thought about starting a new band with a more melodic sound, not unlike The Year of Our Lord. After writing a few songs they decided to get FFD out of its three years hibernation. They recorded these songs themselves and this resulted in a cassette tape released by Bound by Modern Age Records. This cassette was limited to 30 copies and quickly sold out.Lesley didn’t have time to play bass in FFD anymore, being to occupied with his other band Wasted Bullet. Raymond was asked by Present Danger to play bass, so his priorities also lay elsewhere. Around that time, The Darkest Red broke up. Their guitar player Jaap, who also played in lots of ’90s metalcore bands (teaming up with FFD along the way on numerous occasions) joined FFD on guitar. Aron, the singer of The Darkest Red and Witness the Fall, joined them on bass guitar.
The band was complete again and they kept on rehearsing each week. In 2016 they recorded four songs. Thanks to the recent collaboration with several (DIY) labels the new album “Revelation:Extinction” was released on CD (Mark My Words Record(UK)) and on vinyl (Rage Records (UK) & Bound By Modern Age Records (DE).
First Fight Down always has and always will play nineties metalcore. Hugely influenced by bands like Reprisal, Arkangel, Sentence and From the Dying Sky.
“This is the music we like to listen to and play and it will never change. Unlike lots of these bands, FFD is not a vegan oriented band. We play for fun, and to hang out together.”

1997-now: Sander de Beer (vocals)
1997-now: Joost van Wanrooij (drums)
2010-now: Chiel Gossens (guitar)
2015-now: Jaap Kouwenberg (guitar)
2015-now: Aron Molenschot (bass)
Former Members:
1997-2014 Raymond Netten (guitar)
1997-2006 Kelvin Netten (bass)
2000-2004 Marcel de Rijk (guitar)
2004-2010 Maikel Netten (guitar)
2006-2010 Lesley Kok (bass)

“Victim Of Fear” – MCD – self-released – 1999
Shades of Distress” – CD – Scenestar Records – 2001
S/T” – CD –  Crossfirecult Records – 2008
2015 Demo” – Cassette –  BBMA Records – 2015
Revelation: Extinction” –  CD & LP  – Mark My Words Records, RAGE, BBMA Records – 2017


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