Horned play beatdown with black metal influences. We released our first album Perpetuate Misanthropy a few months ago and we want to play in your town, wherever you live. The project began in late 2013 with Gaultier (guitar) and Jerome (vocals) when we decided to set up a hardcore/beatdown band with black metal influences. The idea was to mix the two genres and not just follow a mouvance. We were just the two of us, rehearsing in my flat with a little Peavey Vypyr 15, composing first songs that became later “Children of the Malignant”, “Engender the Goat”, “Unworship” and “I, Blasphemy”. Then we released two songs, got a first date in Germany and found real members to concretely create a full band for concerts, full length and merch. Late 2016 they started recordings SIGILS. Late 2019 they started writing their new album ‘Eminence’ thats been released in 20 March trough Rising Nemesis Records, Nothing you heard before !!


Jerome Simonin : Vocals
Gaultier Paulez : Guitar
Nicolas Martin-Rosset : Bass
Mael Taguelmint : Drums


Engender The Goat Demo – 2014
The God With Horns Single – 2015
Perpetuate Misanthropy… – 2015
Sigils EP – 2017
Eminence – 2020


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