Having drawn their inspiration from
Get The Shot’s crushing riffs and Upon A Burning Body’s groove,
KAMIZOL-K is a female and male fronted 6-members
Hardcore Metal band
from Lyon (France) that delivers a powerful sound
that resonates aggression and atrocity.
Not too long since the inception of the band in 2016,
KAMIZOL-K has been out for live performances
in various places to showcase their unique approach to their music.
Tracks like “69 Forces”, “Sinner”, “Sashimi Alive” new Single
are bona fide Hardcore
while “Bushi’s fate” and “6 Guns”
exhibit undeniably good explosions of different metal styles.
With their 2 Ep “Awakening” (2018) and “Rising” (2019)
KAMIZOL-K offers and guarantees
Hardcore/Metal aficionados scrumptious feast of sinning
that will leave them craving for more.
“Awakening” and “Rising” has been made possible through
the collaborative brilliance and talents
of all the members of the band and are morbidly thirsting to promote and share
dark interpretations and visions of Hardcore Music ;
totally hankering to destroy everything with you in the pit !


Guitars : Kevin & Gaetan
Drum : Antho
Bass : Nico
Vocals : Chucky & Lionel


Awakening – 2018
Rising – 2019