Representing London since 2002, KARTEL first appeared on the classic 3-way Rucktion Records split, ‘Southbound’ alongside Diction and Ninebar. Following this up with a demo and compilation tracks, the band released it’s first full-length, “Rise Of The Guttersnipe” in 2007. With a predominantly South London based line-up, KARTEL possess a brutal urban groove which viciously pounds through their songs. Generally influenced by the New York or New Jersey style of heavy hardcore, the band blend a wide mix of influences to create a unique but unmistakably London brand of hardcore. KARTEL’s music is undoubtedly a landmark in brutal yet technical originality – elements of hip-hop and thrash metal combine with the band’s distinctive groove and off-beat, inimitable breakdowns to create a truly incomparable sound. Second album “Gutter Music Vol.1” was released in 2012 and features new members Matty (Ninebar) and Frank (Special Move).

DBS – Vocals, Frank – Bass, Matty – Guitars, Jon – Guitars, Tom – Drums

“The Skeen Demo” – 2003
“Kartel , Ninebar , Diction – Southbound” ‎- 2004
“Rise Of The Guttersnipe” ‎- 2007
“Gutter Music Vol. 1” ‎ – 2012


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