Formed in 2004 in Oakland, California Lionheart consists out of vocalist Rob Watson, guitarists Evan Krejci and Rob McCarthy, as well of bassist Travis Pacheco and drummer Jay Scott after several line-up changes.

The band released their debut record The Will to Survive on September 2, 2007 via Stillborn Records and I Scream Records which got re-released with bonus materials two years later. After signing a record deal with Mediaskare Records Lionheart released their second studio album Built on Struggle on January 8, 2011. A year and a half later, on May 8, 2012 the follow-up album Undisputed was released again on Mediaskare. An EP Welcome to the West Coast was released on January 14, 2014 via Fast Break Entertainment.

Between Juli and September 2011 Lionheart toured together with I Declare War. Between January 20–31, 2012 the band toured Europe during the Persistence Tour alongside Biohazard and Suicidal Tendencies. In Juli the same year a Northern American tour followed with Thick As Blood. Normally the band should have played Europe during that time but the concert tour got cancelled. The band earned a shitstorm after they confirmed playing a show with Motionless in White on Hawaii. The band stated that it was only one concert and they haven’t disrespect Motionless in White in this case. In the beginning of 2015 the band toured Europa as participant of the Taste of Anarchy Tour with Nasty and German Beatdown band Coldburn. The band played some mid-sized festivals in summer 2005 including Ieperfest in Belgium, Traffic Jam Open Air and Summerblast Festival, both located in Germany. The festival appearances were part of an second Europe tour in Europe in 2015 where the band shared stage with bands like Death in Stereo, H2O, Born from Pain, 7 Seconds and First Blood.

In the beginning of 2016 the band released their fourth studio album called Love Don’t Live Here via German-based label Beatdown Hardwear Records. On May 26, 2016 the band announced their break-up. Five days after that announcement Lionheart announced the dates of their Farewell Tour in Europe, which included appearances on festivals like With Full Force, Vainstream Rockfest and the Free & Easy Festival all located in Germany. Even so, Lionheart played shows in Serbia and Greece for the first time. On August 12, 2016 it was announced that the Farewell Tour will be expanded so the band will play their last concert in Germany on November 5, 2016 in Chemnitz.


Rob Watson – Vocals
Evan Krejci – Guitar
Rob McCarthy – Guitar
Travis Pacheco – Bass
Jay Scott – Drums


2006: This Means War (EP, I Scream Records)

2007: The Will to Survive (Album, Stillborn Records, re-released in 2008 via I Scream Records along with This Means War EP)

2011: Built on Struggle (Album, Mediaskare Records)

2012: Undisputed (Album, Mediaskare Records)

2014: Welcome to the West Coast (EP, Fast Break Entertainment)

2016: Love Don’t Live Here (Album, LHHC Records, BDHW Records)


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