Lost Baron

Biography :

Once there was a blues band called ‘The Stools’. Where Dieter Lafaut was a part of. They went into studio to record some new songs, while recording they realised the new songs were too different than their other work. So they started a new band which was more rock’n’roll oriented.
Lost Baron was born. Soon, Jannick joined in on guitar. After a few gigs they met Bert in a local youth club. An old schoolfriend from Dieter, who offered himself as a bass player for the rock-’n-roll band. With this line up Lost Baron travelled along the local stages.
A year of somewhat later Jonathan, the original singer/guitarplayer, left the band because of different interests… That’s how Lost Baron changed from a blues rock oriented band to a full blown metal machine.
With that transformation there was a transition in the line up as well. Bert left the bass position and filled in on second guitar. Again the band was in search for a bass player.
After a few testdrives, Dimi joined the band to fill in the bass spot. A year later Dimi left the band because of family reasons, Koen replaced Dimi on bass.
6 months later we were ready to jump into studio, or better the studio jumped to us. We recorded the first ‘new’ Lost Baron EP in our basement with the help of Tom Vansteenkiste (Oktopus Prouctions, Carneia, Big Whoop). This release gave us great opportunities and gigs. We played almost every show we could get our hands on. We even set up our own shows to get more exposure.
Now two years later we release our new EP ‘Bastard Blood’ with the help of Martin Furia (Bark, Furia, Marginal…).











Jannick : Vocals & guitar
Bert : Guitar
Dieter : Drums
Koen : Bass



Discography :

Kelder (EP) – 2015
Bastard Blood – 2017



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