Nihility is a deathmetal / hardcore band from Southampton in UK. Started around 2013 they have released so far 2 x demos plus LP “Imprisoned Eternal” on Rage Records and Bound By Modern Age Records.

“Bleak, brutal, blistering and bold for its entirety, Imprisoned Eternal is another one of 2017’s seemingly endless must-hear records. With riffs, grooves, slams and breakdowns aplenty, fans of any style of heavy music will find themselves beyond pleased, bordering on overwhelmed by the sheer volume and variety abundant on its moderate thirty-five minute run time. In short, Nihility are devilish and devastating in more ways than can be easily described—making Imprisoned Eternal a series of songs you have to condemn yourself to in order to truly understand its total appeal. “

Guitar – Harley Maryon, Bass – Jonny Pipes, Vocals – Josh Gibbons, Drums – Josh Williams, Guitar – Larry Statts

“Nihility” – demo 2013
“Consumed” – demo 2014
“Imprisoned Eternal” – LP 2017


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