NONE SHALL BE SAVED – it was a heavy hardcore with metal influences band from Marseille in France. They started in 2002 and after many good releases sadly disbanded in 2010. First record “Choose Your Side” came out in 2003 on Several Bleeds Records (later re-released in 2006 by Customcore Records with bonus song). After that they joined Customcore Records from France. They have been working together to their last days (3 albums, 1 EP and reissue of their debut). Some members went to In Other Climes.

Last members: xJBx – bass, Tchang – drums, Rom – guitar, Ju – vocals
Ex members: Greg – vocals, xMarcx – guitar

“Choose Your Side” – 2003
“Knowledge Is The Key” – 2004
“Those Days Are Gone” – 2005
“Choose Your Side (reissue)” – 2006
“Marseille Hardcore” – 2008
“Enemy of a World Gone Blind” – 2009

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