Perfect Sky


Perfect Sky from Vienna brings classic VSHC
hardcore punkrock with metal influences.
Bandmembers feature Oliver & Roman from
legendary VSHC band Proud Of Ignorance
(‘Letters In Blood’ EP 1997).
Perfect Sky was active between 2000 and
2003 in the European Scene. Highlight was
their appearance at ‘SKATE MUSIC
MANIA!’featuring bands like Agnostic Front,
Earth Crisis, Ignite, Madball, Only Attitude
counts, Shelter, Forgotten, The Business,
Cameran, Embers and Social Free Face.
After a 15 year wintersleep the guys (together
with Cristoph on guitar and Markus on Bass)
picked up the gear and decided it was time to
bring Perfect Sky Back on the map. Full of
passion and energy to go full throttle, to have
fun, share some drinks with the crowd, having
a good time and enjoy playing shows.
Perfect Sky is another gem straight from the
Vienna hardcore scene at the moment with
active bands like Only Attitude Counts,
Spidercrew, Companion, Sense of Justice, Live
Life, Lowlife, Owe you Nothing, Throwback, In
The Cage, Permanent Style, Until Chaos
Rises,Hope Till December, Dean Corso and the
almighty Ill Blood!
Its time to RISE FROM THE DEAD!!


Oliver Kiss – Vocals
Roman Semler – Drums
Markus Stachelberger – Bass
Christoph Neubauer – Guitar

Perfect Sky – PMA

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