Vegan Straight Edge 90’s Metalcore from France. The band was founded in 1997, became Absone in 1999, and then became Primal Age again in 2006 and remains active under that name until today – still vegan, still straight edge, still shredding that 90’s Metal(core) sound.

The band starts back in 1997 with Didier on the vocal, Thierry and Seb on the guitars, Dimitri on bass guitar and Stéphane drumming.
After doing a big number of shows all over France, Primal Age appears on the compilation “In This Other Land” released by Overcome Records. From then, Primal Age plays with bands such as Kickback, Drowning, Right for life, Stormcore and Children headlining the french and European hardcore scene.
Primal Age reveals itself by playing an inspired mix of hardcore and metal, they are one of the first bands in France to mix the two styles.
In April 1999, the MCD ” The Light To Purify” comes out and is produced by André Gielen ( Arkangel, Length of
time, L’esprit du clan… ) in the studio Hautegard in Liége.
The energy and the efficiency of some titles reminds us of a hardcore à la All Out War / Kickback on one hand and of more metal influences such as Day Of Suffering / Arkangel on the other hand.
Primal Age started many tours with bands such as Napalm Death, Converge, All Out War, Length Of Time, Turmoil, Caliban, Indecsion, 25 ta Life and Nostromo. Their scenic presence and performances bring them a solid reputation in the hardcore scene in france and all over europe.
From 1999 to 2005, the band stops because 4 of the members get involved in another project : Absone. After a 5 year interruption and following departure of Stéphane, the idea of bringing back Primal Age to life is evident.
With a strong motivation, an utter determination and the arrival of Medhi ( ex-drummer of Fatal ) on the drums, the band has started rehearsing and writing new songs. In 2007 “A Hell Romance” was released by Cunstomcore Records and Free Edge Conspiracy.
Three years later they finished recording another album for Deadlight Entertainment “The Gearwheels Of Time”.
2013 brought them three way split with 2 other vegan sxe bands – Cherish (JP) and Mostomalta (ARG).
After few years of silence they are coming back with new stuff. Bound By Modern Age Records releasing “A Silent Wound” on 7″ and Deadlight Entertainment on CD. Musically this stuff is totally inspired by Slayer.

Line Up:
Benoit: Guitar, Florian: Guitar, Mehdi: Drums, xDimitrix: Bass & Vocals, xDidierx: Vocals

“The Light To Purify” – CD – xEyewitnessx Recordings / Eternalis Records – 1999
“A Hell Romance” – CD – Customcore Records, Free Edge Conspiracy – 2007
“The Gearwheels Of Time” – CD – Deadlight Entertainment – 2010
“A Silent Wound” – 7″/CD – Bound By Modern Age / Deadlight Entertainment – 2017
“Kill A Theory Vol 2” (with Mostomalta, Cherish) – CD – Vegan Records, Seven Eight Life, Deadlight Entertainment, Retribution Network – 2016
“My Legacy / Eternal Struggle” (with Absone) – Cassette – Bound By Modern Age Records – 2014


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