PRIMITIVE LIFE are vegan straight edge hardcore band from Berlin. We stared rehearsing in February 2015. Back then it was Michi, Sven, Julia and Johannes. Julia played in another band called Bitter Verses and Sven played in Reflections. We wrote several songs and released our first demo tape in June 2015. Peet joined the band just before our first short tour after which Sven left. We played a couple of shows and released a promo tape for our upcoming 7″ in February 2016. Shortly after Basti, who plays in a band called Walk X Away, took over for Michi on the drums. We recorded a few more songs and released them on our first 7″ named “Running Wild” in August 2016. Unfortunately Peet moved away so we had to play our first European tour together with Time and Distance from Brazil with a fill in.
In December we tried something different and booked a DIY South America Tour together with Forsaken from Chile. Liam, who plays guitar in Bitter Youth, helped us out on the guitar. It was the biggest adventure with a lot of troubles but in the end it turned out to be the best thing we ever did as a band. From this point on Liam was a fix band member of PRIMITIVE LIFE. We just finished writing new songs for our second 7″ which will be released on a European Tour together with Bitter Youth in August 2017. XXX”

Lin Up:
Julia – bass, Basti – drums, Liam – guitar, Johannes – vocals

“Demo” – 2015
“Demo” – 2016
“Running Wild” – 2016


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