Putrified J


PUTRIFIED J was born in november 2009 as a two best friend band. In 2010, we released our first demo, it was more of a grind band at this time. Not long ago after the first release, a first album called “Misery” came out as an online release. In 2011 Wes (Canada) jointed the band as guitar player. We were working on songs till our second album THE LAST HARVEST was released as an online release also (for free) in 2011. In 2012, Steven jointed PUTRIFIED J after Wes just disappeared as guitar player. We signed a record deal with GHASTLY MUSIC who re-released THE LAST HARVEST as physical copy and our third album DEVOURING ROTTEN VISCERA in 2013. During these 4 years, we made a lot of collaborations on our cds and other bands cds (Kraanium, Chordotomy, Autonomy, Vagination, Syphilic and a lot more). We are currently and always working on new songs/releases. CANT STOP WONT STOP.


Jason: Drums & Vocals
Hervé: Guitars
Ewza – Guitars. (Session)


Putrified J – The Last Harvest – 2011
Putrified J – Devouring Rotten Viscera – 2013
Putrified J – Hopeless – 2014
Putrified J / Domestic Terror – The Holy Landfill ‎- 2015
Putrified J/ GoreMonger/ Aborning – Audio Depravity In The Key Of Sick – 2015
Putrified J – Misery – 2016
Putrified J – Kill The Living – 2016
Putrified J – Promo 2010 – 2016
Putrified J – The Deep End of Horror – 2019