REALM OF TORMENT are a metalcore band from Southampton (UK) founded in August 2013, with the first demo (Bound By Modern Age) & shows coming in January 2014. Later that year the bands 2 original vocalists left, to be replaced by the current vocalist. An album promo was recorded for what was to follow. In 2015 they went to the studio to record the 11 track album “Testaments Of Hope & Despair” which was released on LP (Rage Records and Bound By Modern Age Records) and CD (Mark My Words Records). They have toured both the UK / EU a handle of times & are always active playing one off shows. Summer 2017 band released 3 new song  as a CDEP – Mark My words Records /Rage Records. They call their music: mosh metal.

Line Up:
Jonny Pipes – Guitar, David Little – Vocals, Jack Orba – Guitar, Andy Newman – Drums, Ryan Yelland – Bass

“Promo” – Cassette – Rage Records – 2014
“Demo” – Cassette – Bound By Modern Age – 2015
“Testaments Of Hope & Despair” – CD/LP – MMW Records / Rage Records / BBMA Records – 2015
“In Fragile Hands”MMW Records / Rage Records – 2017


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