RENOUNCED are a hardcore / metalcore band from Reading, London and Woking; UK established in 2013. Musically, it’s first class metalcore taken from the early 2000 era. Think of early Poison The Well /Disembodied/Zao. There is a bit of everything, from shrill guitar sounds, plucking melodic guitar work, earth shattering breakdowns and a perfect contrast between ferocious vocals and emotional spoken parts.
Their first release was an EP “Conditioned From Birth” (2013). This record was initially released simultaneously on tape by atonement records on tape (50 pressed) and on a self released CD (100 pressed). It has subsequently been   re-released many times on tape, vinyl and recently again on CD in 2017 by many different labels around the world. The same day their first song was put online they played their first gig in March 2014 in London.
In 2014 they have released they first full album “The Melancholy We Ache”, which was recorded by themselves. It was released on LP (Carry The Weight Records, first press 300, second press 500), CD (Footloose Records, 500 pressed) and tapes (on a few different labels). This album brought them many new fans and shows in Europe and US. After that they went on to record one more self recorded song “Love And Depression” for a split with American band Sentenced To Burn (released on tape by Harm Reduction Records (150 pressed) and later on 7″ by Bound By Modern Age Records (300 pressed).
September 2016 brought us another full album form these busy lads (the old bass player had to leave because of life commitments and Sammy from Employed to Serve replaced him) – “Theories of Despair” (LP Carry The Weight Records, 600 pressed and CD (Good Life Recordings 1000 pressed). One of the best releases in the metalcore world of that year. In 2017 Mark My Words Records re-released their first CD “Conditioned From Birth” with bonus song “Love And Depression” (200 pressed). RENOUNCED are very active live band so don`t miss a chance to see them in your town/city.
Members of this band played or still playing in few other good projects like Abolition, Employed To Serve or Digress.

Line Up:
Daniel Gray – vocals, Sam Knight – guitar, Daniel Rayner – guitar, Sammy Urwin – Bass, Jack Bryant – drums

“Conditioned From Birth” – CD/7″/Cassette – 2013
The Melancholy We Ache” – CD/LP/Cassette – 2014
Split with Sentenced To Burn” – Cassette/7″ – 2015
Theories OF Despair” – CD/LP/Cassette – 2016
Conditioned From Birth + Love And Depression” – CD – 2017


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