Royal Jake


Royal Jake is a 3-piece metal/HxC/metalcore band influenced by many old and new bands found in metal, metalcore, hardcore and all its sub-genres.
At their reincarnation at the end of 2010 RJ still sounded grunge/groove metal. As can be heard on the ‘Triple Crown Demo’ which was released in 2012.

Evolved towards a metal/HxC/metalcore band, they released a new EP called ‘tenacity’ on ‘Headshot Records’ (Antwerp) halfway 2015.
Getting more support within the Belgian scene, 2016 brings a new release for the band. No compromise were made this time, so the band recorded 5 brand new songs at a professional studio. The new EP ‘Retaliate – the Answer’, is a statement towards the music business nowadays where bands are financially sucked-dry… expect more metal and more hardcore brutality.


Through the years they have played many shows al over Belgium and shared the stage with such bands as As Prayers Fail, BEAR, Empty Handed, Cedron, Reach The Shore, Knives To A Gunfight, Hexa Mera, Whatever it Takes, Colors Dead Bleed, Pushed To Far,, Reject The Sickness, Carrion, Signs Of Algorithm, Strains, and many many more…


Arjen Van Acker – Guitar
Kjell De Raes – Drums
Peter De Bondt – Throat & Bass



Triple Crown Demo – 2012
Tenacity – 2014
Retaliate – The Answer – 2016


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