Rust Proof


Rust Proof surged to life in 2013 and within a short time their inaugural live and recorded offerings established them at the point of the world of heavy. Coming from several different hardcore and metal incarnations from the last decade, Rust Proof proved to be a perfect amalgamation of force that delivers a unique taste of wrecking ball riffage.

From a subtle extraction of influences came vicious results neatly defined in the Rust Proof machine. Through 2014 while touring their debut self-titled EP they showcased an unparalleled, crushing sound for fans around Australia and supported legendary hardcore bands like Slapshot and Toe to Toe.

Working in conjunction with 1054 Records and their extended family of hardcore and metal acts Rust Proof quickly brought a renewed zeal to their dominion, laying the groundwork for their greatest assault.Image result for rust proof band

This incursion came in the form of Rust Proof’s first full length offering ‘Civil Treason’ released November 2015. The new tracks epitomized a slaughtering style, tight, unrelenting and virulent. A product of the evolution of Rust Proof, ‘Civil Treason’ delivers explosive hardcore tracks with a facet of metal impact. The album is full of lyrical declarations cast to the tune of a revolution, thematically full of a largess that commands fists in the air and a chorus of affinity.

Worldwide the album has received remarkable support from institutions like Core Tex in Europe, H.C.W.W, Rest Assured Zine and Between the Lines Zine. ‘Civil Treason’ is set to be a defining release for the band.

After the time spent immersed in the creation of ‘Civil Treason’ Rust Proof took the matured sound and songwriting that became the new record to the stage. Having elevated all aspects of the band, both creatively and technically they lined up in the last six months with international act the Cancer Bats as well as Australian metalcore kings Confession on their farewell tour.

2016 brings plans for the band to continue to escalate their exposure overseas, primarily in South America, teaming up with hardcore giants Worst from Sao Paulo for a four track split release then later heading to the continent for their first international foray. Firstly however the new year will see Rust Proof playing Melbourne over the next few months then hitting the road around Australia again in April for a ‘Civil Treason’ release tour, delivering the proof.



Chugga – Pipes, Choppaz – Axe, Robbie – Power Lines , Penski – Tubs

Civil Treason ‎(CD, Album) -2015
Rust Proof ‎(7Inch) – 2013
Violent Assault From The Southern Sphere ‎(7″, Ltd, Red) – 2016



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