Searching For Releaf


Breathing from Netherlands Utrecht, with a whopping five members, Searching For Relief is a real band. Influenced by riffy Southern hardcore punk as well as emotionally laden post-hardcore, their music goes through a broad range of emotions. They’ll give you a dynamic show that makes you want to punch your neighbour, while you cry like a baby and reflect on your past actions until you’re depressed. Energetic, emotional, but most of all: poenk.


Vocals – Björn
Guitar – Ruben (gitaar)
Guitar – Yoeri
Bass – Bas
Drums – Stein


North West – 2016 (Single)
Show Them Teeth – 2017 (EP)
For The Moms – 2017 (EP)
Trainwreck – 2018 (TAPE)
Postcard – 2018



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