SEEK NOTHING are a “hardcore” band from Berlin, Germany began in 2014 by a group of angry expatriates. They have so far recorded a demo, self-released their first EP and recorded a Split with No End In Sight from Stuttgart (available from Bound By Modern Age records). Their blend of dark hardcore is a bit like Blistered, Poison The Well and Diana Ross, apparently. The band recorded new 4 songs in Spring 2017 and Mark My Words Records released that on CD (August 2017). NOT SO BAD HARDCORE SINCE 2014.

Line Up:
Mike – Vocals, CJ – Guitar, Dinos – Guitar, Patrick – Drums, Cesar – Bass

“Demo 2015” –  2015
“Seek Nothing”  – 2016
“Split with No End In Sight” – 2017
“M.A.F.” – 2017

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