SHIELD was an Umeå/Sweden-based straight-edge band, active between 1993-1996. Members from Drift Apart, Plastic Pride, Yonderboy and more. The group’s first disc involvement was with the song “Outside” on the compilation album “Straight Edge As Fuck” released by Desperate Fight Records in 1994 but under the name Solitude. The band then changed its name to SHIELD since there already were several other musical acts called Solitude and they did not want to be confused with them. In 1994 band released their debut EP “Build Me Up … Melt Me Down … “ also by Desperate Fight Records.

The group’s first and only studio album “Vampire Songs” was released in 1995 on Desperate Fight Records. The same year SHIELD added the previously unreleased song “Kaleidoscope” to  a compilation “Straight Edge As Fuck II” . The following year they have recorded Misfits cover “Ghouls Night Out” for the tribute album “Children in Heat” . The band split up later that year before their second album “Sweetest Poetry” would be released.

The band name meant nothing special but was a word that drummer Erik Vännström found in a dictionary.

After  20 years of silence band came back to play in their hometown Umeå @ 090 Hardcorefest.

Line Up:
John Birch Hill – vocals
Erik Vännström – drums
Marcus Eriksson – Guitar
Magnus Vine – guitar
Per Andersson – bass
Inge Klungseth – base ( Sweetest Poetry )

Vampiresongs”  – 1995
Build Me Up … Melt Me Down … ” – 1994
Four In One – The Umea Hardcore Early E.P.`s“-  compilation – 1997


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