SUNRISE recorded their first demo “Fire Walks With Me” in 1996 and it was released by Vegun Records on tape. These Polish Twin Peaks lovers came back a couple of years later with a full album “Generation Of Sleepwalkers”, released by Sanctuary Records and you could really hear that they were in love with Swedish death metal. In 1999 SUNRISE recorded MCD “Child Of Eternity”, released on CD by Sober Mind Records, and a vinyl released by Shing Records. That album was a hit. It was a mix of melodic Swedish metal and hardcore. After playing many shows all around Europe they released “Still Walking With Fire” CDEP on Youth Culture, and a year later a split with Liar (CD on Lifeforce Records and vinyl on Wanted Records). In 2004 Lifeforce Records released their last album “Traces To Nowhere”. From their first day to the last SUNRISEwas a sxe vegan band. As of today some of the members play in a hardcore project called Iron To Gold.

Line Up:
Patryk Bugajski – Voclas, Daniel Kryj – Guitar, Piotr Grabinski – Guitar, Adam Stepien – Bass, Arek Lerch – Drums


Fire Walks With Me” – demo 1997
Generation Of Sleepwalkers” – album 1998
Child Of Eternity” – mini album 1999
Still Walking With The Fire” EP 2002
Decontaminate” – split with Liar 2003
Traces To Nowhere” – album 2004
Cursed But Not Alone” – compilation 2006


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