After their last not so moshy band, Imran and Sheep had talked about doing something heavier for a few years but heavy work schedules always got in the way. Eventually they found some time to write some songs and record then and SWAN SONG was born. They’re not trying to re-invent the wheel, it’s just angry, heavy hardcore with lyrics that actually mean something.
January 2015 brought their debut EP “Coming Up Short” released on vinyl by themselves and many shows after that – in UK and Europe. In end of 2016 they did a split “A Permanent Solution To A Temporary Problem” with Who Cares? from London. Another four heavy angry moshy songs. To celebrate this release they did a mini tour around UK together with Who Cares?.

“Coming Up Short” – 2015
“A Permanent Solution To A Temporary Problem”split with Who Cares? – 2016


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