2012 was the year THE CURSE OF MILLHAVEN was formed in the trenches around Ypres.
Melodicly fast riffs and destructive blasts is what to expect when listening to this outfit who drew influences from Aborted, The Black Dahlia Murder and All Shall Perish. There is no doubt about the shivers you will get down your spine watching the high energy stage presence.
The band, with former members of In Chains, At World’s End & Fatal Recoil, tributes the evil, psychotic yet playful memories of Lottie, the character brought to life by Nick Cave in his song “The curse of Millhaven”.
Their first album “Vestibule of Hell”, a viscous conglomerate of the 9 circles of Dante’s Hell was released through Genet Records in 2014.
To celebrate this release the band played a bunch of shows among which also the support shows for Vital Remains, Aborted and appearances at Ieperfest and Evil or Die Fest.
Now in 2017 THE CURSE OF MILLHAVEN will be releasing its forthcoming album, entitled “Plagues”. Release date for this album is set early July 2017.foto van The Curse of Millhaven.

Jasper Lobelle: Vocals
Jeroen Debruyne: Guitar
Kurt Muylle: Guitar
Bram Dewilde: Bass
Bart Rambour: Drums

“Vestibule of Hell” – 2014
“Plagues” – 2017


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