In 2013 Jim, Dimitri, Wim and Hans came together for a one-time gig for a mutual friend’s birthday. We enjoyed rehearsing together and decided to keep doing this. We would just take it as it came. We would draw influences from melodic and chaotic metalcore bands from the early 2000 like Poison The Well, SkyCameFalling, This Day Forward etc. In 2015 we self-released a 2-song demo. In 2016 we released a split 7″ on Bound By Modern Age Records with Witness The Fall from The Netherlands. This split got released on CD by Mark My Words Records. Later in 2017 we got contacted by Arduous Path records to release this split on tape in Florida United Stated. New recordings are scheduled in the fall of 2017 to release our first EP.

Line Up:
Dimitri Derwael- Guitar
Hans De Groef – Guitar
Jim Dierckx – Vocals
Kevin Cravillon – Bass
Wim Daems – Drums

Demo – 2014
Split with Witness The Fall” – split (CD and 7″) – 2016


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