The band start at the beginning of 2014, when Jose decides to record a lost material from different musical projects kept forgetting from the past. He meets with producer Pedro Farina who have his digital record lavel, in Valparaiso city; This material of this personal project that was called AZNIAK is recorded, then they talk about start a new project
together and decided to start working together in a
band, whit some friends involved in other bands in
the region and that \how it born WEWAIN .
Gritos de calle lucha y resistencia, the debut album is
a metal disc that gathers different styles, mixing
groove metal, thrash, punk, hardcore, hip hop, etc.
it`s an album 100% self-managed by the members of
the band, in terms of writing and recording. With a
theme that speaks of the current social unrest, the
p.m.a. (Positive mental attitude), mutual support and
all the problematics that happened in our country.

Richard Díaz – Guitar
Jose Barrera – Vocals
Pedro Fariña – Guitar
Gerardo Gallardo – Drums
Juan Ureta – Bass


Gritos De Calle Lucha Y Resistencia – 2015


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