was planned for a long time but finally formed towards the end of 2013 by Willy (ex Unloved) on vocals, Jon (Vox of Grappler) on bass, Kris (Tribute To Nothing) on guitar and Jake (Dysteria) on drums.
After the release of the first ep (“Could Be Worse”), Kris went awol and was replaced by Danny from Grappler. We went onto play shows on and off for 18 months in and around London. Danny could no longer commit (still hasn’t officially quit, but is on the verge of moving to Holland, so I guess that’ll suffice) and was replaced by long term friend of the band Immy (ex Honour Among Thieves/Amity Affliction). Jake left to concentrate on Dysteria (who then went on hiatus!) and was eventually replaced by Joey (via Gumtree!). After 2 shows with the new line up, Jon left to form Terrible Love. In the down time, when all seemed lost, the follow up to ‘Could be Worse’ was finally released a split with Swan Song (one of Immy’s other bands).
After a period of confusion, co-conspirer/tattooer of the band Lee (ex The Loyalties/Deadline) suggested he’d play bass, but turned up to his first rehearsal with a guitar! It worked but wasn’t quite right, after one tour with Immy covering bass, Jake offered to learn bass and rejoin… Which he did.
Musically, we set out with no real plan, other than play as fast as possible but with hooks. The first record was kinda chaotic and drew comparisons to Gallows, Sheer Terror and Slapshot, the follow up added different ideas and avenues, with elements of indie and rock n roll seeping in whilst still sticking to the “whatever, we play what we want” formula.
In 2017 with a (hopefully) settled line up we had a time to record our second EP “Why bother?”. Four songs including a cover song (Poison Idea). After this (Spring 2018) together with Mark My Words Records we have decided to do a CD collection of everything we did so far called “Are We Having Fun Yet?”.

Line Up:
Willy – Vocals, Jake – Bass, Joey – Drums, Immy – Guitar, Lee – Guitar

“Could Be Worse” – digital/CDr – 2014
“Split with Swan Song” – digital/tape – 2016
“Why Bother?” – digital/tape – 2017
“Are We Having Fun Yet?” – CD – 2018


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