WITNESS THE FALL produces tight metalcore in the veins of Poison The Well, Skycamefalling and Morning Again, the early 90’s sound. If metallic battle-axed guitar-riffs, pulverising bass-rhythms, top-notch and tight drums a fierce voice with melancholic lyrics is what you seek in today’s music, be sure tocheck out their songs.

WITNESS THE FALL started out as a band called Tresore, this was the pre-2000 era.
In 2000 the band changed it’s name to WITNESS THE FALL back then a 5-piece. Only remaining member from these days is Rik, our drummer.
In 2001 WITNESS THE FALL released a “self titled” EP, some of those tracks are still played nowadays. Since then Chiel (The Darkest Red, First Fight Down), Aron (The Darkest Red, First Fight Down) and Wouter joined the band replacing others.
After that they have released EP “Take a closer look inside” on MCD (2008) and album “Reflections”  on LP (2014).
In 2016 Bound By Modern Age Records (DE) and Mark My Words Records (UK) released couple songs of WITNESS THE FALL on split with Belgian Titan (BBMA – 7″ and MMW – CD). The sound of the band has changed on these latest recording, mostly because of the departure of second guitarist Tommy. Band now writes more hardcore songs, but still manage to keep a lot of the emotions.
WITNESS THE FALLis always in search of new shows, mostly in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and UK.
Currently working on 3 new tracks which should be released on – hopefully – split, keep your eyes peeled!

Line Up:
Aron Molenschot – Vocals, Michiel Gossens – Guitar, Rik Mous – Drums, Wouter Withagen – Bass

Witness The Fall – CDEP – Self-released – 2001
Take A Closer Look Inside – MCD – Self-released – 2008
Reflections” – LPSelf-released – 2014
Split with Titan – 7″/CD – Bound By Modern Age / Mark My Words Records – 2016

Light Is The Darkness His Greatest Fear” – Cassette – Bound By Modern Age2014


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