xUNFORCEx came in the end of December 1998. When Neil and Jun – Jun meet at the show. Then ask him if he is interested in doing a band. And because they came from same area they easily get involved and started. And then they have a friend who named Rochelle who know how to drums so to complete the lineup, they got Dulip who was their schoolmate and interested to be part of the band. Then they got the name of UNFORCE from THE CONFLICT Album “Ungovernable Force” which is a political punk band. They just cut and shorten it and came into the name of UNFORCE. After the named created they started to play some local shows. They had few cover songs from SHELTER that was included in cover songs recorded entitled “COVER WHAT YOU WANT” Tape (1998) that is a DIY record on cassette recorder for our personal purpose only and then followed by 3 songs entitled “DEADLY HAZARDOUZ” Tape (1999). In late 90’s especially in far south resistance area there is only few bands that record their songs; mostly it was recorded thru cassette recorder and that was one of the great experienced. They shared stage so many dedicated local and foreign bands like the old Himsa, Pasahora, Arakiri and a lot of shows coming from San Pablo City, Manila, Batangas, Baguio, Pampanga and hometown far south resistance community. And because of work and other activities they decided to li-low and revived this 2009 and only Neil (the original Member left) and decided to get a new member came from different bands and still keeping the old school tradition in vein of Shutdown, Ten Yard Fight and Trial.

Past Lineup:

Dulip – Vocal
Jun-Jun “Ego” – Bass
Neil – Guitar
Rochelle – Drums

Neil – Guitar Vocal
Jun-Jun “Ego” – Bass Vocal
Jun Allan – Drums

Ewoks – Vocal
JR – Vocal
Neil – Guitar
Jun-Jun “Ego” – Bass
Jun Allan – Drums

Gilbert – Vocal
Harold – Bass
Neil – Guitar
Keeyo – Drums

Bryan – Vocal
Neil – Guitar
Jayson – Bass
Warren – Drums

Raymond – Vocal
John Carlo – Guitar
Neil – Guitar
Romel – Bass
Anfer – Drums
Raymond – Vocal
Neil – Guitar
Romel – Bass
Anfer – Drums


V/A “Cover what you want” Cassette Tape (1998)
“Deadly Hazardouz” Cassette Tape (1999)
V/A “Lake Fest Sampler 2” Compilation CD (January 2010)
UNFORCE “Promo” CD (February 2010)
“Keep on struggling” Demo CDr (June 2010)
Double Punch Hardcore – xUnforcex/xFighting Spiritx (Digital Release) (August 2010)
V/A Awakened Hope Collective Sampler CD Nov 2011
V/A “One Common Goal in Sight” – xCurraheex/Truth Inside/xUnforcex 7″ (January 2012)
“Time for Change CD” (March 2012)
“Keep on struggling” CD (Reissue) Indonesian Release (May 2012)
V/A Just do the Edge CD Sampler (Digital Released) (February 2013)
“Keep on struggling” 7″ UK Release (July 2014)
“Time for Change” Cassette Tape (September 2014)

Record Labels:

xThinkPositivex Records (Philippines)
xConvictionx Records (Philippines)
MYO Records (Philippines)
Commitment Records (The Netherlands)
Commitment Records Asia (Indonesia)
Thus Gives One Records (Malaysia)
Samstrong Records (Indonesia)
Speedowax Records (United Kingdom)

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