Zero Eight One

ZERO EIGHT ONE is an Italian positive hardcore band. The band formed in 2012 in Napoli, southern Italy area, and the original line-up consisted of vocalist Vincenzo, guitarist Gabriele, bassist Enzo, drummer Paolo (ex singer in Onfall). After some line-up changes Paolo replaced Vincenzo on vocals, Daniele replaced Paolo on drum and Bosco joined in the band as second guitar player.
After some shows Gabriele left the band and Luca (ex Onfall)replaced him.
The group is mostly influenced by Orange County hardcore bands but also early NY youth crew style. They consider themselves a mix between Bane, Battery, Uniform Choice, Chain of Strength and Ensign, with melodic voice, and of course cruelty free and positive culture.
Paolo, the singer is involved into veganism diet and strongly support all kinds of militant and politic actions against animal suffering. Veganism is a lifestyle !!!!
ZERO EIGHT ONE signed for Irish Voodoo Recording from California and put out a digpack CD called “Something To Say“.
ZERO EIGHT ONE produced their first official video called “Still The Same” and in less then 3 weeks has beeen viewed by almost 5.000 hardcore kids.

Line Up:
Paolo -vocals, Enzo – bass, Bosco – guitar, Luca – guitar, Daniele – drums

Something To Say” – CD – Irish VooDoo Records – 2016
Split with Spirits” – 7″ – Goodwill Records – 2016


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