Bovice / Hurtpiece Split Review

Artist: Bovice / Hurtpiece
Album: Flatline (Split)
Label: Upstate Records
Year: 2020
Format: 320kb/s MP3

Well, here’s a nice treat. Upstate Records were kind enough to ask us our opinion on the upcoming split between BOVICE (Chicago, Illinois, USA) and HURTPIECE (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA). And yeah. Fuck. My head is stil spinning. BOVICE plays metallic beatdown with a twist, the twist being it sounding very remeniscent of Biohazard. And let’s not kid ourselves, that alone makes the BOVICE side of this split worth a listen/purchase. If you liked their 2019 demo, be sure to have this one a go. Not only does it feature all new songs, but the overall quality improved by quite a leap. Don’t sleep on BOVICE, you’ll hear more of these fine folks in the future for sure. Next up; HURTPIECE. ‘More deathcore?’ I hear you moaning? Yes. But damn. You need to give these guys a chance. HURTPIECE is brutal as fuck. Death metal with a few breakdowns would be more accurate. It’s slamming, in your face and doesn’t take no for an answer. Have your breakfast with a side of anger. Pour yourself a cup of HURTPIECE juice. It’s damn tasty.

Personal favorite tracks: ‘Evil In Plain Sight’ (Bovice) / Murder The Earth (Hurtpiece)

If you dislike your neighbours, want to piss people off or just want to hear some fine new tunes, this would be the split for you.
A huge thanks to UPSTATE RECORDS for introducing 2 goddamn fine new bands to me.


Rating: 4/5. Hardcore Gateway‘s seal of approval. (BOVICE) (HURTPIECE)

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